Wednesday 6 May 2020

Audiovisual Bastionland

The Audio Commentaries that were part of the Kickstarter stretch goals are now complete! There are six episodes you can listen to over on the Bastionland Podcast.

Episode One welcomes the Rowan Rook & Decard team to give an overview of  what exactly Electric Bastionland is trying to be.

Episode Two features the real talent of the project, as Alec Sorensen joins me to discuss the artwork.

Episode Three welcomes Arnold Kemp from Goblinpunch to discuss the Failed Careers and how to give players compelling characters at creation.

Episode Four is all about rules, so John Harper joins me to discuss how Electric Bastionland compares to some of his games and the impact of its sparse rules.

Episode Five focuses on Running the Game, where Ben Milton joins me to discuss what makes for good GM advice.

Episode Six finally gets to the world of Bastionland, with Sean McCoy discusses the different ways a game can present its setting.

I want to make these podcasts in seasons, rather than an eternal weekly release, so expect some information on my plans for Season 2 soon.

And if that's not enough detail for you, I'm working my way through the entire book one spread at a time over on the Bastionland Broadcasts Twitch Channel, every Tuesday at 9pm BST. I put the streams up onto YouTube a few days after broadcast, and you can catch up on the first right below.

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