Monday 28 August 2017

Electric Bastionland's Second Playtest Package

It's here!

Some changes from the previous version, and a chance to test out the character backgrounds system in a bit more detail.

Notably, this also doesn't include an adventure, because I want to see what people can create with this, or how it works for running other modules.

The download link is:
Have fun!


  1. I've some experience of running ITO but have no current means of play-testing new rules. A couple of observations however:
    - new backgrounds are too prescriptive?
    - everyone gets an arcanum/oddity etc. Kind of dilutes the interest (baseline weird shit for all characters) and potential potency of such objects (if unable to be affected by WILL/CHA etc.)
    - doesn't seem anything too specific about relation of oddities to backgrounds. Make more specific or revert to general random table - all oddities potentially available to all characters.
    - lots more to say another time
    M :-)

  2. Hello (sorry for my bad english...), I've read Electric Bastionland's Second Playtest Package and I like it... I want to playtest it this weekend with a friend on mine.

    Do you think the game is playable with 1 player and like 2 Lackeys (with D6 HP...) ?


    1. definitely very playable. I've run solo games before, you just have to make sure your audience is into it. Put a lot of personality into their lackeys to create the conversation of play.