Wednesday 28 June 2017

Bastionland First Playtest Packet

If you want to playtest BASTIONLAND, you can download the Playtest Packet containing:

  • A more radically altered set of the Into the Odd rules than will probably make it into the final book.
  • Six pre-generated characters from the new set of Backgrounds.
  • "Running the Game" section.
  • A good chunk of the "Understanding Bastion" and "Running Bastion" sections.
  • Keep Out of Brokenborough, a new sample expedition site within Bastion.

If you get it to the table, please send any and all feedback through to the email in my sidebar, contact me on G+, or comment underneath this post.

Have fun!


  1. I want to take my players to Bastionland for a playtest!

  2. Hi Chris, I will endeavor to get this on the virtual table this weekend. I feel like I'm watching a weirded version of Baron Munchhausen.
    Play Test Rules Question regarding exactly 0 hp:
    When a character goes to exactly 0 hp and gets a scar, do they need to roll against STR to avoid critical damage, or is that ONLY when they lose STR?

    2nd Q: Is the extra d6 of hp from going from full health to 0 granted immediately or after a rest or after visiting a doctor, etc?


    1. Hi, thanks for giving a look. Those are definitely two sections that need a little clarification. I'll think about their working in the next version.

      When you hit exactly 0hp you don't have to save against Critical Damage, as that's only triggered by losing STR when you have no more HP to lose.

      The extra HP from the scar is added to their Maximum HP, not their current HP, so they'll stay at 0hp until they Rest.

      Hope that clears things up. Let me know how it goes if you get it to the table!

    2. Can we download the playtest rules somewhere? (don't worry, I'll still buy them when they come out in the final version ;-) )

    3. Follow the link in the post!