Wednesday 16 December 2015

d6 Law Enforcement Groups in Bastion

 d6 Enforcement Groups of Bastion

Obviously there's no centralised law enforcement in Bastion, so anyone can set up a group of thugs and have a go. They have different ideas of the law too, which doesn't help. If you get into trouble, think carefully before you call out for help from that person in a uniform. 

They usually have an ulterior motive. 

1: Drum Jockeys - 2hp, Jagged Metal Uniforms, Lead Beaters (d6).
  • Ride on a variety of huge drums, rigged up to wagons (4hp, Armour 1, d8 Crush).
  • Carry out harsh punishment en-masse at Justice Raves.
  • Talk in a drum-like rhythm even when separated from the beat.

2: Wristwatchmen - 3hp, Ultra-Slick Suits and Hair, Gadget Watch.
  • Transfer a miniature version of an Arcanum’s effect into their specialist wristwatches.
  • Fire a pitifully small gun mounted on their watch (d4).
  • Pretend to know the future (they don’t).

3: The VSF (Very Strong Fighters) - 5hp, STR 15, Tight, Colourful Costumes, Clenched Fists (d6).
  • Explain their own carefully thought out name and gimmick in extreme detail.
  • Attempt a silly finishing-move when they’ve almost beaten their opponent (d4).
  • Make a big speech about the role of the strong (them) in protecting the feeble (you).

4: Bombheads - 6hp, STR 5, 1ft Tall, Tiny Bombs (d8, must be set in place). adorable little uniforms, riding-rats, squeaky voices.
  • Use hidden wealth to hire backup-muscle.
  • Upon death, explodes for d8 damage.
  • Try to cut off crime at the source.

5: The Cadaver Club - 4hp, Death Shrouds and Pick-Sticks (d6).
  • Believe that all life is essentially guilt, and the older you live the more guilty you are.
  • Bury the guilty alive with lots of food and water.
  • Carry out trial-by-combat between corpses rigged up as puppets.

6: The Wind Order - 1hp, DEX 15, Gilded Uniforms, Breathy Voices.

  • Strike criminals down without touching them, using the mystical soul-wind (d10 damage, actually a hidden sniper with a huge rifle)
  • Flee from any real danger, claiming that “a more dangerous wind blows to the south”.
  • Sell you a 6-week course (1g) that will (not) teach you the Soul-Wind-Strike.

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