Thursday 7 August 2014

Less is More

A short list of rules that won't feature as mechanics in the final version of Into the Odd.

Skills - If you want to be good at something, put your high roll into the appropriate Ability Score.
Perception - You get a clue, pay attention.
Disarming Traps - Act carefully and work out what to do.
Social Interaction - Pay attention to NPCs and work out how best to manipulate them.
Individual Initiative - Players go, Referee goes.
Prescribed Combat Moves - Just say what you want to do.
Character Backgrounds and Traits - Make one of you want but probably work it out in play.
Balancing Encounters - You'll be encountering scary stuff from day one. Later on you might be able to fight them.
Movement Rates - You move at normal pace unless you're on a horse or something.
Encumbrance - Just don't carry too much stuff.
Class - Nah.
Race - Human.


  1. Sounds awesome Clean,straight forward and awesome.

  2. Man! I swear, every time I look at an OSR blog I'm sucked into a vast, neverending web of awesome new stuff I'd never heard of...
    I hadn't heard of Into the Odd before today... how is that? Whatever serendipitous route led me to it I'm thankful.
    Can't wait to see it arrive.

  3. "You move at normal pace unless you're on a horse or something."

    Made my day!