Monday 24 February 2014

Mini Module - The Rusted Vault

Ooh, you really aren't supposed to be in The Rusted Vault!

Immediate room contents are listed. Contents in parentheses require further investigation to discover.

Roll 1d6 when the group enter a new area, hesitate, or make a lot of noise. On a 1, they have a random encounter. On a 2, they get a sign that one is nearby.

Random Encounters
1 - The Rusty Man: STR 10, DEX 10, WIL 15, 14hp. A faceless figure, glowing bright orange, with long claw-like fingers. Rusts one item (of any material) unless the wielder passes a DEX Save. Attacks using non-living material do not harm him, and any material used against him crumbles to rust. Can pass through the solid surfaces of the vault like a fish through water.
2 - Mechanical Mouse: A clockwork mouse that wheels its way through the corridors without a care in the world. 
3 - Desiccated Ape: STR 6, DEX 6, WIL 4, 3hp. A feeble, dried out husk of an ape that can barely crawl and whimper. Anyone getting close enough will be subject to his bite (1d6). When this causes Critical Damage, the victim withers to a desiccated husk themselves. 
4 - Skeletal Frame: An immobile metal frame, loosely humanoid in shape. It does not move, but sways and creeks. Will move away incredibly fast when no one is looking.
5 - Heat Signature: The unmistakable feeling of someone right next to you. Definite warmth against the cold air. Maybe some quiet breathing, but it's gone before you get too long to think about it. 
6 - Magic Bullets: A pile of lead shot from a musket. The pile rolls and moves together with some intelligence. Has no motivation other than to get under people's feet at unfortunate moments, forcing a DEX Save to stay upright. 

The Long Stair: The only way in. No idea how you managed to find it, but it leads straight to an open door into room 1.

Structure: Unless noted, rooms are metal-lined and doors are the heavy iron type. There are no lights, temperature is cool, and there is a lingering smell of rust and damp.

Room Contents

1: The Fake Vault
North:Long Stair (returns to surface)
Ceiling: Chandelier (not lit, decorative, worth 10s)
Floor: Two Iron Trunks (both locked, both contain ordinary bricks painted gold)
South:Hung Painting of Soldiers (carrying strange-looking artifacts, golden frame, worth 20s, conceals a secret door)

2: The Hub
Iron Pillars, each with a large switch (when all are on, a loud alarm sounds. Nobody from the surface will respond, but you will automatically get a random encounter)
West:Rusted Door (to corridor)
East:Iron Door (locked, to corridor)

3: Ring Store
Iron Door (locked)
Rusted Marble Plinth with a Jade Ring (worth 2g, provides nightvision when worn, but any light causes you 1d6 WIL loss)

4: Control Point
South:Metal Door (locked)
North: Rusted Door
Two Swivel Guns (d10 damage, move-or-fire, mounted on small barricades, can be dismounted)
Leather Chairs (well worn, some ash burns, rolled up note "shopping list")

5: Destruction Tanks
East: Door (locked)
West: Stairway Down
Floor: Five pools of black liquid (annihilates anything placed within. Anything larger than a dog causes the pool to splutter violently, causing d12 damage to everybody in the room)

6: Warning Room
West Wall: Noticeboard (list of names and dates, covering a painted message "Forgiveness in Service")
North: Passageway

7: Morgue
South: Rusted Door (off hinges)
West Wall: Pile of three coffins, each filled with a relatively fresh corpse, bullets through heads)

8: Collapsed Stairwell
Piles of rusted metal (barely recognisable, once a door and parts of a ladder and staircase)
North:Shaft (seems to go on forever, ends after 40ft in a pile of rusted metal and no sign of a way through)

9: Washroom
Washbasin (no water supply, rusty, mildew)
Rusted Mirror (Touching will summon the Rusty Man)
North: Door (locked)
East: Rusted Door

10: Arsenal
Rack of 12 Muskets (all rusted beyond use)
Rusted Trunk (contains 3 bombs in working order)
Floor: Pile of Rust (used to be a lantern)
West: Rusted Door
East: Door (locked)

11: Her Pod
Shimmering Field containing a Metallic Humanoid (vaguely feminine, bladed hands, slightly rusted, disturbing the field awakes her)
STR 17, DEX, 10, WIL 10, 10hp, Armour 2, Blade Hands (d8 damage).
Goes on a violent rampage, with nothing calming her.
East: Door (locked)

12: His Pod
Shimmering Field containing a Metallic Humanoid (vaguely masculine, hammer hands, slightly rusted, disturbing the field awakes him)
STR 17, DEX, 10, WIL 10, 10hp, Armour 2, Hammer Hands (d8 damage).
Goes on a violent rampage, with nothing calming him.
East: Door (locked)

13: The Cages
Cages (man-shaped, barely room to move, padlocks are open but have no key)
East: Rusted Door
West Wall: Loose Stone (opens to crawlspace to 14)

14: Hiding Place
Corner: Piles of Waste (human, rusted)

15: Observation Room
West: Wooden Door (peephole)
North: Switch on Wall (currently up, switching down activates the chair in room 16)
East: Glass Window (looking into 16)
East: Wooden Door (into 16)

16: Torture Throne
East: Ceramic Chair (reinforced, leather straps, primitive electric chair causing 1d6 STR loss per turn of electrocution. Controlled by a switch in room 15).
Floor: Buckets of Water (smelly old water, dirty rags on sticks)

17: Glowing Hall
Floating Light Orbs (drift away from any attempt to grab them. If cornered, release a 1d6 damage electric shock. Shattered by any damage)
Glowing Pillars (warm touch, extended touch allows slow levitation for a few moments)
Corner: Bucket (filled with old vomit)
North: Ladder (to high ceiling, leads to alcove lined with empty wine bottles)
South: Staircase Up
West: Door (locked)
East: Rusted Door

18: Black Telescope
West: Rusted Door
Telescope (looking through shows constellations of stars. Some have glowing red circles, others green, others no circle at all. No discernible pattern.)

19:Command Point
Floor: Chalk Markings (partially erased battle plans)
Corpse (Man, military uniform, pistol, sabre, key to all locked doors, 20s, long-dead, bullet through head)
North: Door (locked)
West: Stairway Up to 20.

20: Sanctuary
Floor: Candles (burnt out, multicoloured, floral fragrances)
Cloth Mat (star symbol)
Wall Paintings (childlike drawings, families, houses, pets)
North: Metal Door (no lock)

21: Solitary Confinement
When the door is closed the room is deathly silent and all lights extinguish themselves. Feels intensely cold, but not enough to cause physical harm. No sound can be made until the door is opened.
East: Door (locked)

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  1. Wow, you're on a blogging spree! Wonderful!

  2. The benefits of a stretch off work! I fear it won't last, unfortunately.

  3. I'm going to try running this one tonight with four players, should I give them one or two henchmen?

    I've got an illustration for the Rusty Man :