Friday 23 November 2012

The Odd World - Why Visit the Islands?

There's a whole world beyond the Sister States. Those that are most influenced by Rosevine, Bastion and Starfall are the Islands. Here's what the game document has to say about them.

Tiny specks of land dot the ocean to the West and East of the Sister States. Most settlements are colonies of the Sister States but some native societies prevail. Life here is simpler but more lawless than in the Sister States. Uprisings against colonial rule are on the increase. 

Things to do on the Islands
- Establish your own colony, peacefully or otherwise.
- Free the native population from colonial rule. 
- Explore forbidden caves, jungles and swamps where natives tell of strange happenings. 
- Track down the mythical wandering island. 
- Try a new fangled submersible vessel and dive to the ocean floor to see the strange, metal wreckage lying there. 
- Bring the joys of astral worship to the natives or free them of the influence of sinister sects. 
- Just get away from everyone in the Sister States who wants you dead and work on your tan. 

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