Tuesday 24 March 2015

The Iconic Monster of Into the Odd is...

I've spoken before about how the concept of an Iconic Monster doesn't fit with Into the Odd's guidance of making monsters unique and unknown.

But really it's clear.

Humans of some sort will probably be the most frequent being you interact with in the game. So have 6 Human Encounters in Bastion.

People have Ability Scores of 10 and 3hp, unless stated otherwise.  

1 - Two Moss-Protection-Cabinet Agents investigating the scene of a crime (polished club (d6), fuzzy yellow hat, magnifying glass, whistle). Want to protect the thousands of species of moss indigenous to Bastion from industrial harm and educate the populace. 
2 - Three Spider-Burglars arguing as they scale a wall (wrist spike (d6), black lycra suit and goggles). Want to make a big score so that they never have to do this again.   
3 - Eight Dismemberers looking for victims (machete (d6), strong whiskey, blood-soaked black suits, bag of hands and feet) Want to collect hands and feet to sell to their client and find a way to clear their consciences afterwards.
4 - Twelve Curfew Enforcers driving people indoors (Loud old shotgun (d8), Black breastplates and helms (1), reflective visors). Want to get people off the streets, as they are expecting something nasty to come from Underground tonight. 
5. An Onion Seller latching onto you (Smelly old onions, smelly old clothes, drooling mouth).Wants to sell you onions and make his first friend. 
6. Marching Band Slaughterers partway through a march as people flee (Detachment, Tattered band uniform, bladed brass instruments (d8), tall red hat). Want to perform their dissonant march and kill bystanders as dictated by the sheet music, as part of some yet unsuccessful summoning ritual. 

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