Sunday 29 March 2015

25 Words, far behind trend

So I'm way behind on this but here goes. Into the Odd's world in 25 words or less.

Alien artifacts, muskets, bayonets, tricorne hats, pan-dimensional terrors, brains, industry, revolution, star-men, steamships, polar expeditions into void, underground city, smoggy metropolis, bombs, star cults, cannons.


  1. Maybe you could try your hand at Jeff Rient's "Twenty quick questions for your campaign setting" (

  2. I've used Jeff's 20 Questions before but it doesn't really fit with the approach I'm taking to this setting. I want to give more of a general flavour, and sample content, but not definitive details.

    The goal is that the Referee should be able to answer those questions for their own version of the Into the Odd Setting, rather than needing my canonical answer.

  3. I wonder if and how your 25 words for ItO (or rather Bastionland) has changed since this.