Monday 23 March 2015

d12 Fullsister Judges

If you get arrested down in the pastel-painted Unwish district of Bastion, the court will be overseen by one of the eleven Fullsisters. These identical-looking women were each raised in highly specific experimental conditions by their parents, who died in the Underground. This resulted in each Fullsister having eccentric differences from their identical core.  

There doesn't seem to be any logic to which Fullsister is assigned to a case. 

Each of the Fullsisters is identical (STR 10, DEX 10, WIL 8, 4hp, Elaborate Court-Gown, Judicial Hand-Fan) beside the listed differences. 

1. Sumblanche Fullsister - The Innocent: Favours whoever appears the most good by her naive view of the world. Childlike manner.
2. Cirridia Fullsister - The Servant: Does whatever she's told to, and is usually completely brow-beaten by the barristers. Defeated manner. .
3. Arcella Fullsister - The Sleeper: Entire conversations seem to pass her by. Bases judgement on the few pieces of testimony she was conscious for (around 10%). Slow, vacant manner.
4. Arbyssul Fullsister - The Skywatcher: Favours whoever embellishes their testimony with the most supernatural, cosmic content. Longs to become one of the Star People that she never shuts up about. Manner of an obsessed teenager.
5. Berrael Fullsister - The Beast. Booksmart, referencing obscure tomes to disprove any point made by either side. Anyone that argues back against her is treated to a bestial outburst, followed by immediate and harsh prosecution. Snarky manner punctuated with animal noises.
6. Jastis Fullsister - The Immovable: Allows each side to make three statements. She sentences both sides based on the number of statements she disbelieves, with no chance for appeal. One lie is a beating. Two lies is life in prison. Three lies is death.  Stubborn manner.
7. Poson Fullsister - The Windspeaker: Claims to speak on behalf of the all-coloured wind, which seems to favour whichever side is most respectful of its apparent divinity and flattering towards Poson. Vain, posing manner. Disinterested in details.
8. Marsil Fullsister - The Bloodspiller: Favours whichever side appears stronger. Punishes the weaker side with enforced military service, or calls for trial by mass combat. Masculine manner.
9. Mordish Fullsister - The Rover: Rides into court on horseback at the last second and often leaves in the middle of cases. Favours the person that least resembles the establishment. Personally shoots the guilty party with a bow, after which they are free to go if they live. Unfocused manner.
10. Rhalocke Fullsister - The Unlived: Seems unaware of even the most everyday concepts outside of her empty-room upbringing. Has lots of made up words for things. Easily confused by complex cases. Favours whoever paints the most inspiring picture of the outside world.
11. Tinfacta Fullsister - The Chameleon: Pretends to be one of the other Fullsisters, usually exaggerating their eccentricities. Actually takes the case seriously, judging as fairly as she can once she finally reveals her true nature.
12. Roll 2 Co-Judges, arguments likely. On a repeat, roll 3 Judges, and so on.

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