Tuesday 10 March 2015

d6 Urban Legends of Bastion

Roll d6 to see which tale the Street-man tells you. Roll d4 in addition. 1: It's a load of nonsense. 2: It's based on a truth. 3: It's true. 4: It's actually much weirder.

1 - Faces of Mercy
Kids of the ultra-rich decked out in full suits of armour, white masks, and guns like you've never seen. See, they're so bored with their life of luxury that they hunt down the poor and desperate for kicks. Think they're doing them a favour by putting them out of their misery.

2 - Ug-Water
You still drink water from the taps!? Are you crazy!? Just look at the ugliness you see around you today. Not just the boils and spots, but the heartless behaviour people everywhere. It's them weirdos in the Underground messing with our water. There weren't no gangs before the taps came!

3 - Water Wolf
So you get a lit candle in each hand and lie face-up as the tide comes in around you. With me so far? Now... you've got to let yourself drown, but keep the candles upright! If you do it right, your body will wash away and turn into sort of fish-skinned wolf thing and you'll crawl up onto the land. One blood-sucking rampage later and you'll slink back off into the sea, only to wash up as a good-as-new person with no blood on your hands. What? I didn't say I knew why anyone would want to do it, but it works!

4 - Cloud Cutters
You know, when I was a kid we never saw those long, ripply clouds. Just got the big fluffy kind or clear blue skies. That proves that invisible flying machines are zigzagging the skies and planning the destruction of Bastion.

5 - Soul Boxes
Those metal units at the bottom of those new gaslamps? Recently dead children are pushed in there at night, and the last sparks of their life keep the lamps running. You think oil can make a lamp that bright?

6 - Observers
Rain was battering my window last night, so I went to peek outside and BAM! Giant eyeball looking in at me! Before I knew it I was frozen in place while it stared into my very being. I could feel it looking through all my secrets before it whizzed away as fast as a bullet. I just know that it was serving whoever's really running this city.

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