Friday 13 February 2015

New Beauty Crew

A highly exclusive collective of ten paid killers. Their rates start at 10g for a kill, increasing with the difficulty of the target. Despite being a collective, they never gather in groups of more than three at once. Famed for their flamboyant costumes, which always include polished metal, glitter, and dyed hair. When one dies their nearest rival is tasked with recruiting a replacement. They often take on the deceased's name and persona.

Olf Brutey - Sex Mountain 
STR 15, DEX 9, WIL 9, 10hp. Big Fancy Axe (d8), Side-Hammer (d6), Pistol (d6, long purple-dyed beard, huge square body). 
Kills by kicking in the door at night and chopping you to bits.
Wants to impress Rox Renyay and earn enough money to outsource his job.
Currently serving an exclusive contract with the Slaughter Family Cult.

Rox Renyay - Spark Gladiator 
STR 12, DEX 12, WIL 14, 15hp. Blue-polished Armour (1), Triangular Shortsword (d6), Metal Jaws (d8 in down and dirty fighting, blue-glitter skin paint). 
Kills by harming the target's loved ones until they are willing to fight him directly.
Wants to seduce She Rumbles and earn enough money to retire as a celebrity.
Currently imprisoned for murder and awaiting execution.

She Rumbles - Gorgeous Blob
STR 18, DEX 8, WIL 14, 9hp. Weird Long Rifle (d10 cannot fire on the run), Club (d6). Dark-green full body paint)
Kills by bullying the target's associated into betraying them. 
Wants to kill Kay DeBrooey for a minor insult and earn enough influence to run for legitimate power.
Currently in hiding with underground mutants.

Kay DeBrooey - The Mothflame 
STR 10, DEX 14, WIL 15, 7hp. Polished-Black Armour (1), Pistol Brace (d8), Firebombs, Orange Spiked Hair. 
Kills by trapping the target in a fire. 
Wants to punish Axl Flurry for stealing a previous contract, and earn enough money to buy bigger firebombs.
Currently hunting an exiled workmaster out in Deep Country.

Axl Flurry - Killer Badboy
STR 7, DEX 10, WIL 10, 14hp. Glass Dagger (d6), Smoke Bombs, Massive Sparkly Visor.
Kills by sneaking poison into the target's food or drink. 
Wants to rekindle an old friendship with Saint Adorer before he took on his current persona, and earn enough money to get Kay DeBrooey off his back.
Currently being hunted by the successors of his previous victim, the head of the Mercykillers genocidal mercenaries.

Saint Adorer - Awestriker 
STR 16, DEX 10, WIL 13, 20hp. Double-Ended Claymore (d8), Polished Red Armour (1), Gold Face Paint, Very limited Levitation. 
Kills by throwing the target off somewhere high.
Wants to see Shay Naz dethroned as the most famed member of the Crew in high society.
Currently imprisoned by the cult No Man's Blood.

Shay Naz - The Blue Obsession 
STR 11, DEX 12, WIL 8, 9hp. Fencing Sword (d6), Pistol (d6), Mass of midnight blue hair covered with glitter. 
Kills by influencing enough people to turn a blind eye or even do the job for her.
Wants to earn the lust of the utterly asexual Nic Julienos, and earn enough money to continue her luxurious lifestyle.
Currently infiltrating Bastion's high society in plain sight as companion to Admiral Thruster.

Nic Julienos - Antihunk 
STR 7, DEX 9, WIL 14, 10hp. Polished White Armour (1), Spike of green crystal (d6), Pistol (d6).
Kills by being utterly ruthless and uncaring of his own safety. 
Wants to work with Morgan Thorax and learn from his savagery. Stockpiles money without a care for spending it. 
Currently in hiding after killing the workmaster of a huge factory complex.

Morgan Thorax - Caveman Style 
STR 16, DEX 16, WIL 10, 24hp. Battle-Hook (d8), Skin Tattooed Grey. 
Wants to, kill Moolin Avant for attempting to kill him years ago, and be feared by the general polulace.
Currently offering discount kills in the slums of Bastion.

Moolin Avant - Pretty Little Pustule 
STR 10, DEX 9, WIL 11, 10hp. Blunderbuss (d8), Sickly Yellow Glittered Skin. 
Kills by hiding until the right moment and then shooting you in your sleep. 
Wants to kill Olf Brutey for a juicy pay, and earn enough money to get a private island fortress.
Currently under private hire to the Pure Extracts Importer's Union. 

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