Monday 2 February 2015

Turbo Skull

This helm allows the wearer to perceive prolonged amounts of time at an increasingly fast rate. In this state they can perceive, think, and imagine as normal, but cannot move their body at all. Communication is limited to rapid babbling, which the listener must pass a WIL Save to understand.  

With effort the wearer can move their hands to remove the helm, but it takes d4x10 seconds. Anyone else can do it instantly.

The wearer's perception of time spirals out of control with prolonged use. Every 10 seconds consult the list below for the effects.

10s: Feels like an hour.
20s: Feels like a day. Lose d6 WIL. Babbling is no longer comprehensible.
30s: Feels like a week. Lose d8 WIL. Vision is now just a blur.
40s: Feels like a month. Lose d10 WIL.
50s: Feels like a year. Lose d12 WIL.
60s: Feels like a century. Lose d20 WIL.

Anyone reduced to 0 WIL is unable to act with their body any further, but their brain continues to function within the skull at an exponentially increasing speed. Those recovered from such prolonged use are sure to be completely broken.


  1. Is it supposed to be a type of prison? If it isn't, I don't see a good reason for someone to willingly put this on.

  2. Need to read an entire book in seconds? This could help, if you have somebody to turn the pages... and you trust them to take the helmet off.