Wednesday 31 December 2014

Odd Folk of Green Pit

Today is your last chance to buy the Into the Odd PDF before it's removed from the Lost Pages store. It will come back up once we work out a solution to crippling new tax laws, but if you were planning on picking it up in the new year, I'd do so now just to be sure.

In the mean time, there's this little place in Bastion.

Green Pit is:
- A huge park full of dead trees, overgrown weed, and a rampant population of talking Snakes
- A haven for Stinkers, a group that reject city life and worship this rare patch of nature. 
- Overlooked by Zip Tower, an old watchtower converted into fashionable coffee-bar.

Random Encounters
1: Sephie Biter (7hp, STR 12) - Voluptuous woman with a toad-like face. Joined the Stinkers after a big fued with Annie Ganache. Wants to live a wild life free of responsibility. Always has another Stinker in tow. 
2: Prince Green (4hp, WIL 15) - Ruggedly handsome. Adored by the other Stinkers and used to getting his own way. Knows that Scarlett has a thing for him, and leads her on for fun. Wants to add to his hidden jewelry collection. Followed by d6 Stinkers. 
3: "Oboe" Fubb (7hp, WIL 6) - Pale, skinny, old man. Plays Oboe at Zip Tower occasionally, but lives with the Stinkers. Feels torn between the two worlds. Wants to get more of his city friends to join the Stinkers. Very close with Scarlett and supports her however possible. 
4: d6 Stinkers looking for snakes to play with. 
5: A lone Stinker sneaking away for some city-life. 
6: d4 Stinkers teaching a new recruit about life in Green Pit. 
7: Stave Snake - (STR 5, DEX 15, WIL 8, 4hp, d4 Bite, lose d8 STR on Critical Damage). White. Always fully straight, gliding forwards through some force. Speaks telepathically wants to trick people into doing stupid things. Attacks those that appear too smart for their tricks. 
8: Pumpkin Snake (STR 14, DEX 5, WIL 5, 6hp, d8 Whomp). Swollen and orange. Wants to impress with feats of strength before demanding food in return. Attacks those who refuse. 
9: Glitter Snake (STR 4, DEX 13, WIL 10, 7hp, d4 Bite). Glitterball texture, cold metal skin, and generally helpful. Wants to learn music and perform. Skin is worth 2g. Screams loud enough for the whole park to hear if threatened. Stinkers love them. 
10: Peach Snake (STR 3, DEX 6, WIL 6, 2hp, d4 Bite, d10 WIL Loss on Critical Damage). Communicates only through humming. Peachy texture, 6ft long. Wants to get into trouble to justify using its bite, which feels incredible for it. The victim starts to stiffen entirely, paralysed and drooling at DEX 0, but seeing incredibly hallucinations. Stinkers love this experience.  

Zip Tower (d8g Income)
Scarlett Yaler (10hp, STR 15) - Towering amazon. Owner of Zip Tower. Wants to learn about the more unusual Snakes' powers. In lust with Prince Green. 
Scrap Yaler (7hp, STR 7) - Yappy little guy. Always overlooked brother to Scarlett. Wants to overthrow her to take control of Zip Tower.  
Annie Ganache (6hp, DEX 15) - Sarcastic pessimist. Downtrodden wife of Scrap. Wants to kill Sephie Biter over some old fued back when they were friends. 

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