Wednesday 22 August 2012

Classes for Into the OD&D - Fighter

When drafting these classes I approached them with the question "What do I want players to be thinking about when they play this class?".

I wanted the Cleric player to be remembering the laws of his diety and how best to use the small variety of blessings bestowed on him.

I wanted the Wizard player to be buried in a spellbook looking for something to help the current situation. 

I wanted the Fighter to be thinking about how to use the battlefield to his advantage and have faith in his sword and armour as he wades into combat. 


Fighters are at their best in a combat situation. They hit the hardest, can take the most punishment and control the battlefield with combat techniques.

Training: Fighters add their STR Bonus to damage rolls with a weapon.

Toughness: Fighters add 1 to their Armour score, even when unarmoured.

Techniques: When a Fighter makes an attack they may add a Technique to it. The attack is carried out as normal and the opponent must make a Save to avoid an additional effect described by the player. Examples include being pushed, tripped, disarmed, grappled for their next turn etc. A Technique cannot cause extra damage on its own but it may make use of an environmental hazard that would cause extra damage to the target. The Referee should be generous in allowing the player to think of interesting and imaginative Techniques for their attacks.

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