Sunday 23 February 2014

Mini Module - Lair of the Gore Cloud

So your players need to pass through a chunk of Bastion's Underground? Don't just send them through a featureless tunnel

Send them through the Lair of the Gore Cloud.

Immediate room contents are listed. Contents in parentheses require further investigation to discover.

Whenever you would have a random encounter, it's the Gore Cloud.

Gore Cloud
A slowly drifting orange fog. Mindless, drawn only to heat, including body warmth. Cannot be the target of normal attacks or arcana, but can be blown away by a strong gust or held at bay with splashes of water. Any contact forces a STR Save to avoid being turned inside-out and dying horribly. Repeat the save for every turn of exposure.

East: Old Sewer Tunnel: filthy water, brown slime (hammy smell, harmless), leads to 1
West: Daredevil Chute: partially rusted ladder (difficult to return up), leads to 11

1: Sewer
Rushing Sewage (smells hammy)
Mossy Walls (red paint marking BEWARE GORE GAS)

2: Giant Petri Dish
Colourful slime on water (harmless, concealing two dead men turned inside out)
Ceiling:Dripping Purple Slime (intensely cold, harmless)
Frogs Feeding on slime (harmless)

3: Bug Nest
Cockroaches (harmless)
Pool (leeches, penny coin)

4: Hidey Hole
Wall:curtain (covering alcove containing story books, lantern, wine bottle)
Corpse (old man, turned inside out)

5: Croc Shrine
Cloth covered pile (covering remains of huge crocodile, stabbed to death).
Altar (smeared painting of crocodile breathing fire)

6: Tiny Town
Scraps of Wood (modelled into tiny town, partially stomped up)
Rat (dead, turned inside out)

7: The Flush
Chain (rusty, wooden handle, causes sewage to rush in from the ceiling pipe)
Ceiling:Pipe (dripping, smelly)
Stone Tiles (damp, mouldy, smelly)

8: Surface Signal
Wall:Pipe (can hear faint sounds of the city, no response to calls)
Three corpses (dogs, turned inside out)

9: The Herd
Pile of dead cattle (turned inside out).
Shallow Water (hammy smell, animal waste, sun pendant worth 2g beneath the filth)

10: Containment Chamber
Heavy Iron Door blasted off its hinges (red cross painted on both sides, wax around edges).
Brick walls (corroded, hammy smell).
Corpse (man, turned inside-out, sword, pistol, torch).

11: Waterfall
20ft Waterfall Drop (four child corpses at bottom, turned inside out)

12: Shimmering Pool
Bubbling, Silver Pool (mercury tained, 1d6 STR loss).

13: Filth Angel
Pile of Waste (face replies cryptically to questions)
Terrier Corpse (turned inside out)

14: Mutie Tomb
Two Stone Sarcophagi (carvings of horribly mutated figures, contain misshapen bones, gold necklace worth 50s, silver ring worth 30s)

15: Feeding Room
Waste Piles (animal waste, chicken bones)
Chain (fixed to wall, broken metal collar)

16: The Stash
Metal Door (locked)
Pile of papers (soggy star cult material)
Two crowns (costume imitations, worthless)
Decorative dagger (worth 10s)
Crystal skull (unconvincing fake, worthless)
Floor:Chalk Markings (Constellations, not very accurate)

17: Seed of Gore Cloud
Corpses (woman and man, both turned inside out, two muskets, 20s)
Twenty Football-sized Spheres (water held in thin membrane, slight orange hew, releases a smaller Gore Cloud if pierced or dropped - disperses after one turn).

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  1. Great mini adventure for a plug and play hexcrawl. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The image is missing. Mind updating so I can run it?