Friday 28 February 2014

From the Vault

Here's a pretty great generator for inspiring new Arcana. It just spat out the names of these five things stored away beneath Bastion in a mostly secure Vault. 

Harpoon of Desire
A harpoon gun that can be fired in one of three ways.
Loving Desire: Guides itself to the target's hand and functions as a 2d6 damage melee weapon until recalled. 
Hateful Desire: Causes d12 damage to the target. 
Jealous Desire: Snatches an item from the target's grasp unless they pass a STR Save. Immediately flies back to the wielder with the item hooked on.

The Cruel Illuminated Assassin
A ceramic jar that releases a tiny, winged, glowing humanoid.
STR 5, DEX 18, WIL 12, 12hp, Shocking Touch (1d6, ignores armour).
Whispering a name to them causes them to ceaselessly pursue the target for assassination. If the assassin is killed they immediately return to the jar, and will be fully restored in 24 hours.
The Cunning Priestess
A sceptre that can be used to generate holographic images. These are clearly unreal, but when using the Arcanum, the user appears holographic too.
The Just Wicked Prince
A crown that allows the wearer to discern any statement as truth or a lie. Upon hearing a lie, the crown ceases to function until the lie is revealed to everyone that heard it.
The Vicious Great Chief Clad in the Vesture of Desecrated Skin
An incredibly realistic painting a dozen feet high and wide. Anyone killed in its presence has their slain image form at the feet of the bloody figure within. No traces of the body are left outside of the painting.  

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