Wednesday 23 February 2022


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In among playtesting The Doomed this week, I've been tinkering away on something else. Might not come to anything, but it's been fun so far. 

It leans into the idea that I've seen all over the place, that THE Dragon creates a different expectation than A Dragon, so what if we put THE in front of as many things as possible? I teased this a little with The Legion last week, which was sparked by the idea of The Orc (though weirdly ended up not being just one individual).

So the natural follow-on is...

The Goblin

On toes it creeps, just out of sight A petty hoarder, full of spite

Their Cleverness, the Goblin STR 7, DEX 13, CHA 15, 9hp. Bony needle (d6, +d8 within their Realm), sack of particularly treasured lost things, entourage of lost children and pets.

  • Wants to widen their realm by making things lost, but cannot steal directly.
  • Loves to make unfair trades, but can’t see beyond the short term.
  • Knows how to whisper the right words to a lost thing to hear a clue to the whereabouts of your own missing object. It only works once per object. 

The Realm of Lost Things

  • Tunnels within a pile of bric-a-brac.
  • Only the Lost can enter freely.
  • The Goblin can invite or banish guests.

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  1. Really interesting. This is why old movies like 7th voyage of Sinbad were more gripping than something like The Avengers Endgame. One Monster is a menace, 1000 monsters is a statistic.