Wednesday 23 June 2021

Primordial Warlock

Another Primordial Class. This time voted for by those of you on my Patreon, who are clearly accustomed to throwing in their allegiance with unsavoury entities.

When I get around to the Wizard I want there to be a big focus on spellbooks that you can actually print off and fold. Like a bunch of miniature version of Wonder and & Wickedness.

So for the Warlock I wanted to focus more on your relationship to your Patron, drawing a bit on the whole Chaos Gifts angle of the Warhammer. You can watch me going through the first half of the process over on last night's Bastionland Broadcast.

Playbook - Warlock

In a moment of desperation or ambition, you pledged yourself to a demonic force in return for unnatural power. 

From your past life you have a simple weapon and a tool of your former trade.

Fiendish Patron

Choose two titles for your Patron. These dictate their rules. Breaking them invokes your Patron’s wrath. 

  • The Beast - Never show mercy.

  • The Deceiver - Deny the existence of the Deceiver.

  • The Fallen - Always respect a holy site. 

  • The Conqueror - Never pass up an opportunity to show your superiority.

The remaining two are the rivals to your Patron. You can earn your Patron’s favour by carrying out a deed that majorly acts against one of their rivals’ rules. 

Eldritch Gifts

Choose two gifts from your Patron. You can swap them at any time by engaging in a ceremony of pleading or sacrifice to your Patron. 

Imp Familiar: A small, troublesome imp serves your every word, but ultimately serves your Patron. They can fly clumsily and start small fires.

Hellblade: A longsword that burns in the chaos of combat. Spooks animals and weak-willed people. When you kill another being with this blade your body is reinvigorated.

Book of Shadows: A grimoire of minor curses and incantations. 

Inferno: You can conjure bolts, blasts, and walls of fire, but cannot control the blaze once burning. 

Fiendish Resilience: When you receive this gift, choose one of the following to be immune to: Fire, Cold, Poison, Mundane Missiles, Arthropods.

Many Faced Mask: You can alter your appearance to any other humanoid you have met at will, but the illusion is only visual. 

Shadowform: You are invisible in dim light while stationary. 

The Cold Chains: Your touch infuses any chain with dark energy, its touch causing pain and feebleness to any spirits or otherworldly beings. 


The Sculpture of the Flesh

  • A living subject is placed in the centre of a circle of fresh corpse ash.

  • The warlock and five others perform a chant lasting around six minutes. 

  • The subject is twisted into a lesser physical form until the Warlock releases them or dies.

The Congress of the Crawlers

  • The Warlock performs a loud, physically strenuous ritual lasting an hour.

  • Insects and worms are summoned to share their knowledge of this place. 

  • They speak in a tongue that only the Warlock understands. Their memory is poor but they know the land well. 

The Twisting of the Word

  • The name of a recently deceased being must be written in their blood surrounded by infernal sigils.

  • The name is infused with sinister power. 

  • The next time it is spoken by the Warlock, all who hear it are compelled to kneel in submission until their mind can break free.

The Counsel of the Universal

  • You must present a worthy sacrifice of one of your Patron’s enemies.

  • At least twelve others must chant in exaltation of your Patron. 

  • A greater servant of your Patron appears for barely a moment, answering one question with a single answer. They know all. 

The Eye of the Clouded Water

  • Two cups are filled with water from the same impure source. Sewers or swamps work well.

  • Both cups are placed in separate locations. The water must remain within, and an eye must be gouged at a point between the two. 

  • The Warlock drinks from one cup and is able to view the area around the other cup as if they were there.


  1. These rituals are exactly how I feel *all* magic should be performed. Keen to see what the Primordial Wizard is going to look!

    1. Think some flavour of Wizard will be next, then probably sort of Cleric maybe rolled in with the Paladin.

  2. I love all of the primordial playbooks and want to run a game with the full set...

    I'm imagining another set, villainous ones, for the GM to use, like the 'Broken' in the game Band of Blades.

    1. Definitely planning on having some playbooks for the GM to use. I think a couple more classes then I'll move onto that.

  3. I absolutely love this! I wish there were more people creating content in this vein.