Wednesday 3 June 2015

The Oddegon Rail

The Oddegon is a huge blue steam train (12hp, Armour 3) with the face of a screaming old man. A year ago it blasted off on its maiden voyage, overloaded with three hundred passengers, and didn't return.

The intended route was:
- Leave Bastion under a blessing ceremony. 
- Barrengap. A hail-battered mining town on the near edges of Deep Country. Full of people that hate Bastion and technology, but they begrudgingly refill coal supplies.
- Riddled-with-Worms (Pronounced Riddla-Worrum). Quaint village on a lake obsessed with servicing trains that pass through. Treat drivers as celebrities. 
- Petal. A failed city of disease and wine, pointing out to the Golden Lands. Mostly empty beside a few sailor caricatures offering to take people off the continent. 
- The Dumb Pike. Site of Pilgrimage for several Star Cults. An extinct volcano that flashes like a strobe from its crater on some nights. Most of the passengers were headed here. Put a dungeon in here, draw a rail through it, and put the wrecked Oddegon at the end of it. 
- Return to Bastion via Barrengap for refueling.  

The group have access to the Map below.

Travel Times are noted in hours, on foot. You also have a form of Rail Transport, which may be quicker. Roll d6 to find out what it is. .
1: Pump Truck - 4hp. Three times as fast as foot. Man-powered.
2: Old Steamer - 7hp, Armour 2. Four times as fast as foot. 
3: Rail Wagon - 6hp. Three times as fast as foot. Horse-drawn. 
4: Repulsion Pod- 5hp, Armour 2. Eight times as fast as foot. Takes an hour to start up from stop. 
5: Wheel Beast - 12hp, Armour 1. Three times as fast as foot. Needs lots of food. 
6: Track Ship - 8hp, Armour 1. Wind pushes it d6 times as fast as foot. Re-roll at the start of each day.

Roll d6 once for the whole group to see who's coming along on the Search Party. All are Detachments.  
1: Wreck Worshippers - 3hp, Hammers (d6), Stone Helmets. Want to marvel at wrecked machinery and structures. 
2: Dumb Pike Pilgrims - 3hp, Spears (8), Astral Symbol Tattoos. Want to find the truth of Dumb Pike. 
3: Bereaved Cult - 3hp, Muskets (d8), Flower Wreaths. Lost half their number on the Oddegon. 
4: Pre-Paid Mercenaries - 6hp, Muskets (d8), Lengthy Contract. Serving a contract to a filthy rich entrepreneur aboard the Oddegon. 
5: Loyal Pet Pack - 4hp, Teeth and Claws (d6), Collars. Inexplicably brought together as a collective mind in search of their lost owners on the Oddegon. 
6: Investigation Retinue - 5hp, Pistols (d6), Broad Hats. Want to find unveil truth at any cost. 

For each day's travel on the rail roll d12 for a Rail Encounter.
1-3: d10 Railmuggers - STR 13, 6hp, Pistol (d6), Bearded Mask and Cloak.
1: Lying in wait for you.
2: Drunk and feasting on stolen steaks.
3: In a butchered heap after being killed by Justicemen.

4-6: d8 Claw Hitchers - DEX 13, 5hp, Claw-Gun (d6) and Wire, Pointy Hair and Scarred Faces, Rickety Wagon. 
4: Lying in wait for you.
5: Screaming and joyriding a chariot along the rails.
6: Tearing up rails for salvage.

7-9: d6 Justicemen - STR 14, 5hp, Hacking Sword (d8), Lead Suit (Armour 1), Back Banner.  
7: Stopping everyone for inspection, and you're always guilty.
8: Repairing their broken down Justice Railwagon (8hp, Armour 1).
9: Burning a criminal alive.

10-11: Maintenance Crew - 3hp, Heat-Saw (d6, ignore armour), Goggles. 
10: Poking a big pink blob that's blocking the rails.
11: Working on a broken down Locomotive.

12: Zoo Train - 1 Dozen-Tusk-Elephant, 20 Miniature Ostriches, 2 Fighting-Giraffes, 4 White Crocodiles, 1 Hell-Hog. 
12: Headed back to Bastion to deliver its cargo.

If you go off the rails, roll d12 each day for a Wild Encounter
1-3: d8 Techno Hunters - 5hp, Extreme Crossbow (d8), Wooden Mask. 
1: Following the scent of steam from the Oddegon.
2: Burning a pile of scrap machinery and trying to inhale the techno essence.
3: Target practice against a wrecked locomotive (not the Oddegon).

4-6: d12 Arrow-Men - STR 15, 6hp, Pole-Club (d8), Prison Uniform. 
4: Breaking rocks under the watch of a Justiceman.
5: Engaged in a fight with the Justicemen.
6: Having a very civilised picnic.

7-9: Crawling Star-Rock - STR 16, DEX 5, WIL 15, 12hp, Armour 3, Rock Arm (d10).
7: Crushing cows into meaty pulp and sucking it through its beak.
8: Spinning downward to dig out a sleeping hole.
9: Under attack from an Isolationist (see 12).

10-11: Rolling Corpse Pile (Detachment) - STR 13, DEX 10, WIL 2, 5hp, Armour 2. .  
10: Digging deep into the ground to pull out new corpses.
11: Chasing a bemused cow.

12: d4 Isolationists - WIL 15, 5hp, Boomgun (d8), Visored Helm
12: Harvesting ugly vegetables from a field with their visors down, totally oblivious to you. 

Each night, roll d6 for a Night Event.
1: Food Issues: Fix it or your followers lose d6 WIL. 
2: Water Issues: Fix it or your followers lose d6 STR. 
3: Weather Issues: Tomorrow's travel takes twice as long.  
4: Fuel Issues: If your vehicle uses fuel, it's out. 
5-6: All quiet. 


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  3. Great stuff !

  4. Great stuff !

  5. I have no idea what I am reading yet I want to play or run it. This is impossibly inventive :D