Thursday 8 January 2015

To Crush your Rivals, See them Bankrupted Before You, and Hear the Lamentations of their Workers

Into the Odd isn't a game about running a business, but money is important if you want to move onto bigger expeditions. With this in mind, I've included a simple method for running a business. The current PDF doesn't have this section, but it's in the update that will go out when the final print version gets shipped.

So Enterprises work like this (abridged).

Costs 10g to set one up, after which they generate d4g a month in income. Each month they also face a Threat that will cause d4g in losses if it isn't dealt with.

If you make a profit, next month the dice get one step bigger, to a maximum of d12. Bigger Enterprise mean more money, but bigger threats. If you can't pay your debts, the Enterprise collapses.

If you're not using Into the Odd (you monster) it's worth noting at this point that it uses a Silver Standard, where 1g is 100s. A significant chunk of money.

Now the Threat is left for the Referee to create, but the upcoming supplement is really going to dig into that. It will go into how to use the group's previous actions as ways to generate a Threat each month. Let them dig their own grave!

This system may or may not also form the basis for managing the supplies of large scale expeditions.

For now, roll d10 for a starting point for your monthly Threat.
1: A key resource is running dry. Find a new source.
2: The workers are rebelling! Appease, subdue, or replace them.
3: A rival is undercutting your prices. Find a way to lower yours, or to hurt them.
4: A horrible accident risks destroying a significant part of your Enterprise.
5: Some local authority is trying to pass new laws that will harm your business.
6: Persistent thieves are stealing from you!
7: A rival is doing a better version of what you do. What's their secret?
8: A death threat against one of your key people.
9: Riots near to your property! This isn't good for business.
10: Strange things from The Underground are messing with you.

Side Note - Aggressive Enterprising
Is one of your rivals really ticking you off? Want to put them out of business?

If you come up with a good scheme, you may act as a Threat to a rival business. If they do not manage to stop your efforts, they take losses equal to your current income. You must deal with your own Threat as normal.

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