Friday 18 December 2009

And what if the adventurers don't save the day?

Roll on the following table whenever the adventurers do not save the day.

1: Noone saves the day and the bad thing happens as expected.
2: Someone known by the adventurers tries to save the day instead but fails horribly, dying in the process.
3: Someone known by the adventurers tries to save the day but fails, barely escaping with their lives.
4: Somehow things just work themselves out and nothing bad happens afterall.
5: Some other adventurers save the day and become local heroes.
6: As luck would have it the adventurers are presented with a second chance to save the day!


  1. 4 and 6 seem somewhat unclimatic. Where's the consequences? Everything works out, but your reputation is hurt. You get a second chance, but there's something else interesting happening somewhere else; which situation will you engage with?

    The players have made their decisions; now there ought to be consequences, possibly fueling more decisions.

  2. It should be noted all results are just a layer of plain sponge cake for the GM to ice with interesting stuff!

  3. 7: Rock falls, everyone dies.

  4. I had number 5 happen about two months ago. The party tried to break their way into a mountain to end a meteorological 'disturbance,' ran out of energy, hit points, resources, two members of the party died and they retreated to the nearest town. As they were resting, they saw another party thunder through and head south to the disturbance; the party could do nothing about it; two days after, the disturbance was gone.

    The party felt a bit down about it, mostly felt they were ready to move on to another adventure. Sometimes the bear gets you, was the general sentiment.