Tuesday 10 April 2018

Cutting Edge Mercenaries of Bastion

Bastion's hired guns are known for seeking the most unusual equipment of the electric epoch. Sometimes they enjoy their signature weapon a little too much.

Each of these is available for hire, £5 for a day's work where they'll do the following:
  • Follow you into dangerous places.
  • Generally follow orders.
  • Think that their favourite gadget is the perfect solution to any problem.
Each Mercenary comes with their own specialist equipment. If this is damaged or lost they always blame their employer, immediately ceasing their service and pursuing financial compensation in Mercenary Court. 

DEX 15, 10hp, Trench Armour (1), Baton (d6).
Orbalaster: Bulky, Functions as either a Crossbow (d6) or Rifle (d8) or can fire one of three specific combination rounds. He generally carries one of each.
Salt Charge: Blasts out a fluorescent salt-like powder. Anybody within the blast that is currently Wounded is overcome with pain and instantly incapacitated.
Wild Charge: Blasts out a red mist, any animals in the blast become immediately violent towards the nearest other being.
Null Charge: Blasts out an impenetrable darkness lasting a few minutes. Nothing more complex than a bow can function in the darkness.
STR 15, 10hp, Quarry Armour (1), Two Hatchets (d6 each).
Absorption Engine: Bulky. Chest mounted device that activates when she causes Critical Damage to an opponent. The victim is sucked into the jet-like hole and sprayed out as a bloody mess.
As a secondary function the engine allows very slow, careful flight and can be fed inorganic matter to spit out a d6 Blast of shrapnel.
10hp, CHA 5, Two Chop-Swords (d6 each).
Spirit Bombs: Each of these contains the canned essence of some alien spirit. Cans isn't sure which one is which, so roll d6 when he throws one. Once the spirit is released it cannot be returned and does nothing besides lash out.
1: Abyss Spirit: 10hp, De-Pressurisation Touch (d10 ignore Armour, explode on Critical Damage).
2: Iceberg Spirit: 12hp, Icy Form (Armour 2), Crush (d10 to all in a line).
3: Smog Spirit: 6hp, d6 Choke to all within, Immune to physical attacks but disperses if left alone.
4: Pickling Spirit: 8hp, Acidic Splash (d6 Blast), Anything killed is preserved and delicious.
5: Heat Spirit: 12hp, Glowing Metal Body (Armour 3), Heat Ray (d8), longs to be cooled down which causes it to become peaceful.
6: Razorwire Spirit: 10hp, Metal Form (Armour 2), Lash (d6 to all adjacent), Anybody taking Critical Damage is pulled in to be kept safe.

10hp, STR 18, Spiked Armour (1), Combat Chain (d8).
Sludge Gun: d6, Fires a glossy black semi-solid material that can be used in unusual ways.
- Can be sprayed onto a surface to make it bouncy as a trampoline.
- Can be fired into water to create floating platforms.
- Can be fired into fire to explode in a d6 blast.
- Can be bounced around corners for trick shots.
- Can be fired onto an electrified surface to animate the sludge briefly. It thrashes around for three rounds before collapsing (3hp, d6 thrash).
- Can be fired onto the chest of a sleeping person to give them horrible nightmares.
- Can be fired into Acid to neutralise it.
- Can be fired into Alcoholic liquid to make it burst into flames and develop a new complex taste.

10hp, Tin Armour (1), Boot Dagger (d6).
Turbo-Cannon: Bulky, also functions as a Shield (+1 Armour). Can be fired on three different modes.
Safe: d6 Blast. A spray of small rounds.
Turbo: 2d6 Blast. Twice the normal fire rate. If the rolls match the weapon jams and is unusable until the next Rest. 
Ultra: Three 3d8 Blast. Thrice the fire rate with hot-rounds interspersed. If two dice match it jams, if all three match it explodes in a d12 blast. 
10hp, DEX 5, Brass Armour (1), Dagger (d6).
Trace-Rifle: d6, Bulky. Instead of normal fire, can shoot a Trace-Marker that marks the target unless they pass a DEX Save. The Trace Rifle causes d10 damage when it attacks Marked targets and annihilates them in a miniature black hole when it causes Critical Damage.  

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