Thursday 7 April 2016

Save vs GOD

Gods are not good. But they are powerful.

This is a world where it pays to know how to avoid angering the gods.

Each of the Gods ties to one of the classic D&D Saving Throws. Patrick wrote about this four years ago and he's looking the other way now so it's ready for stealing.

The dumb idea is this: No ability scores, just Saves.

You get the classic five Saves based on your class. Each of these ties to a god. Affinity with a particular god means you're more suited to avoid their wrath, not necessarily that there's any affection toward or from them.

The Gods

Death (Death/Poison)

- Just waits for you to die, no hurry
- Somewhat curious of life, or at least watching them move closer to death
- The greatest of the gods, because he always gets what he wants in the end

Zap (Wands)

- Punishes anyone that lets their guard down
- Sends lightning bolts and guns and blade traps
- Appears to have a sense of humour when it comes to methods of death

Stone (Turn to Stone)

- Wants you to give up
- Wants things to stay the same
- Thinks you should just follow orders

Fire (Dragon Breath)

- Wants to burn and explode everyone's hard work
- Wants you all to die in a bloody war
- Wants something big to come along and eat you and blood everywhere arrrgh

Words (Magic/Spells)

- Wants you to ask too many questions and seek too much power
- Wants things to spiral out of your control
- Wants us to end up tearing reality apart and killing the other gods

Want to do something that doesn't fit one of these Saves?

You still have attack rolls, reaction rolls, morale rolls etc.

If it doesn't use one of these, and it isn't risky enough to fit a Save, then it probably doesn't need a roll.

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  1. Do you assume Class based Saving Throws following the D&D conversion guidelines? Like, if I'm a Professionnal, I save like I'm third level [whatever class best suits the style of character I'm playing]?