Wednesday 6 April 2016

Boxmen and Gun-Idols

Too much time in the Far Lands changes people.

If they travelled via the Underground, they have moved beneath time. What seems like a month-long jaunt from Bastion may have been several lifetimes of existence in an alien realm.

Some pick up a new look or religion. Others encase themselves in a metal shell and worship a bio-mechanical slaughter beast.

2d6 Boxmen Worship-Team
STR 8, DEX 4, WIL 5, 4hp, Lead Sarcophogarb (Armour 2), withered arms, theatrical voice.

  • Gather new worshippers for its Gun Idol, or prompt it to destroy heretics.  
  • Tip over onto something for d8 damage, needing help from two other boxmen to get back up.  
  • Act based on its Order (see below image)

Roll d8 for the Boxmen's Order
1: Blood Box: Require fresh blood poured into their face-slit each day to avoid going into a cannibalistic frenzy.
2: Protectors: Always looking for a victim to protect, or more accurately a villain to punish.
3: Eat-Noise: Elitists that believe they have the duty to move across reality consuming everything.
4: Un-Rulers: Want to take down anyone claiming to rule another, to allow pure worship of the Gun Idols.
5: Downfallers: Really love watching things crumble.
6: Scab-Band: Believe that the holiest act is to almost destroy something and let it grow back stronger.
7: Sinking Ships: Believe that reality is ending any minute now, so help it along any way you can.
8: Ultimate Violets: Seek out all other false Gun-Idols and destroy them.

Gun Idols
STR 16, DEX 7, WIL 4, 20hp, Huge Bio-Organic Body (Armour 2), Gun-Organ (d12 plus see specific details below).

  • Tremble, roar, and blast things. 
  • Stop for a rest at the worst time, prompting a ritual by the worship-team. 
  • Act based on its specific type (see below). 

Roll d6 to see which type of Gun Idol the Worship-Team is following.

1: Redbird:  Beat its flabby useless wings (d6) and fire a beam of liquid red energy (d12).
2: Alchemiphant: Eats lesser minerals and excretes gold. Fires explosive blasts from a corrugated trunk (d12).
3: Sun Dog: Spends the whole day basking in the sun to fire a beams of black energy by night (d12).
4: Birther: Blind, its eyes gouged out in a past battle, it releases a swarm of explosive flying-things from its maw (d12 blast).
5: Melt-Child: Doesn't have a gun as such, but can glow with energy to melt everything within 50m (d12 ongoing damage, can sustain for rounds before requiring a day's rest). The worship-team have adapted their suits to be immune to this.
6: Raggy: All rotten and mangy, his gun has fallen off and his jaw hangs limp, but his team still worship him.

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  1. Reminds me of odium! (That's a good thing) if you're looking for more inspiration on the theme there's some cut sequences of very gun-idol themed bosses on YouTube.