Wednesday 11 February 2015

d6 Civil Enterprises of Bastion and Into the Odd Print Update

The final prints of Into the Odd have arrived, and will be shipping out over the next few days. Every copy will also come with a free misprinted version (mostly just the back cover affected), which I'm calling the Friendship Edition. Give this to a friend or colleague that you think might enjoy it, leave it somewhere to be found, or donate it to a worthy cause.

If you haven't ordered yet, you'll still get the Friendship Edition if you order now, but once supply runs out, that's the lot, so I can't make any guarantees. Everyone that has already ordered is definitely getting one, though.

Hurry and get your print now! 

Meanwhile, nobody runs Bastion, so civil services are open to any enterprise that fancies a go.

1 - Alpha Black
Transport letters and goods in steel wagons pulled by heavily armoured, unnaturally large horses. Pride themselves on security, so can be overly zealous in gunning down suspicious people in their path. If you talk to the right officer they'll do some assassination on the side.
Alpha Wagons (10hp, Armour 3, Swivel Gun (d10), ignore anything smaller than cannon fire)
Alpha Escorts (8hp, Armour 1. Muskets (d8), Bayonet (d6), black uniforms, polished armour, magnificent moustaches)

2 - Undervoyager
Provide mass transit in their gold-painted longboats, along underground canals. Pilots bark poems of Underground horrors with varying levels of talent. They dig new tunnels deeper each day, to expand their route.

3 - One Bastion
Busybodies concerned with the popular outrages of the day. Their daily newsletter sells in the thousands and stirs up unrest, then they throw their weight at their chosen target. Most common targets are astral cults, large families, childless families, single adults, small businesses, and anyone that is unlikely to fight back.
Angry Mob (WIL 7, 5hp, Clubs (d6), frothing mouth)

4 - Of a Supreme Age
Dedicated to ruthless medical research and service, in that order. Their vow forbids any kind of ethical thought, only relentless pursuit of advancement. Appointments are free of charge. Profit comes from selling on the products of their research. Most of their doctors have some sort of cosmetic surgery applied to their faces.

5 - Man-Fortress
Police their corner of Bastion with a gentle hand, keeping criminal organisations on side. Much more interested in gathering an army in preparation for an astral invasion. Obsessed with the history of man, but mostly make up mythology to aid their recruitment.
Masked Militia (5hp, Muskets (d8), Dagger (d6), deep-red uniform and mesh-faced helmet)

6 - Iron Masters' Lodge
Gather children from the street to serve the lodge elders. If they last to adulthood, they join the elders and gather more children. Maintain a vague pretence of training their children in urban survival skills, but mostly use these lessons as a way of thinning out the ranks of the children approaching adulthood.
Iron Pupils (STR 6, 4hp, Blunt Survival Knife (d4), Rope, tinderbox, compass)


  1. great hints as usual! will you gather all this additional contents in a single document?

  2. All of the content here is sort of related to the Odd World Toolkit, so some will go directly into there. That supplement is really more focused on creating your own content though, so it might not be there in whole form.

    Regardless of what ends up in there, I'll periodically compile blog content into a free PDF as another Oddpendium.