Wednesday 22 August 2012

The Rest of Into the OD&D

And finally the rest of the Miscellany that has flowed out of my head for Into the OD&D.

A starting character takes two Backgrounds alongside their Class of choice. Yes this means you can be an Elf-Dwarf.

Elf: Choose three Cantrips you can cast instantly at Will.
Dwarf: You are immune to poison and choose a craft to know everything about.
Halfling: You automatically pass WIL Saves against magical effects.
Noble: Your title carries serious weight.
Underground: You can sense how deep you are at all times, see in the dark and sense the shorted route to the surface.
Wilderness: You can identify all plants and animals and track perfectly.
Urban: City folk don't see you as an easy target and you always know a nearby place to hide.
Soldier: Start with any weapons and armour you like free of charge. This excludes Superior Weapons.  You are a hero to some and a villain to others.
Criminal: You have contacts in the criminal underground and knowledge of how to pull off criminal behaviour.
Charming: People tend to like you.
Explorer: You speak a bit of every language and know a bit about every culture.
Loremaster: You know a little about everything within a subject such as History, Alchemy or Art. Choose a specialism within this area that you know in great detail such as History (Military), Alchemy (Explosives) or Art (Music).

Magic Items
Not all magical items are are complex as the Arcana used by Wizards. Magic weapons, potions, rings and other such items can be used by anyone, though only a Wizard can identify their function without using them.

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