Wednesday 5 July 2023


It must be difficult to build a walking armoured fighting machine. I bet some mistakes slip through.

Do you wish your MACs were more authentically... bad?

Play with Bad MACs mode, where each MAC must have a Flaw.


Wobbly: Test to fall when taking 2 hits from a single attack, instead of 3 hits.

Volatile: Suffers a hit against yourself every time you roll a 1 on an attack roll.

Toasty: Start with 1 Heat and never go below 1 Heat.

Frail: Brawls against you roll twice as many AD.

Exposed: Your Main Gun is destroyed in a single hit.

Capped: Only move up to 9” when Rushing.

Awkward: Only move up to 4” when Advancing.

Unreliable: Start the battle with 1 Hit.

Understeer: Turn only at start or end of a Move.

Blinkered: Your front arc is only 90 degrees.

Bareback: Hits to your Rear destroy modules in a single hit.

Deathtrap: Take 1 Internal Damage whenever a module is destroyed.

Stiff: Take +1 Heat when Moving.

Recoil: Your Main Gun fires at +1TN.

Overclocked: Take +1 Heat when firing your Main Gun.

Barndoor: Attacks against you get -1TN.

Jamming: Roll a die when you activate in the attack phase. On a roll of 1 you do nothing this phase.

Unshielded: When your Heat would go above 6 take an Internal Hit instead of a normal Hit.

Brittle: When you Fall, take an Internal Damage.

Locked: When you Rush you cannot turn before or after the move.

Buggy: Roll a die when you activate in the Move phase. On a roll of 1 you do nothing this phase.

Lag: Attacks against targets with SD3 or higher get +1TN.

Twitchy: Attacks against targets with SD2 or lower get +1TN.

Insulator: Roll each time a point of heat would be lost. On 1 it is not lost.

Explosive: When you have enough Internal Hits to be destroyed in the Meltdown phase you are destroyed immediately instead.


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