Friday 18 November 2016


I love interesting mechanics, but Into the Odd has like three mechanics total.

And none of them are very interesting.

But that ultra-light core is the game. Rather than limiting the mechanics you can use, the low number of moving parts frees you up to add in whatever you want.

Original creations, or things stolen from other games and blogs, can just be mixed in without messing up the core all that much.

So if a mechanic is interesting or fun, but too specific, fiddly, or hard to remember to become a full-on house rule, then bolt it onto an Oddity and call it a day. And remember, Oddities don't have to be just objects.

If, like me, you like your mechanics to have some sort of concrete attachment to the game world, this also helps with that drive.

So let's break the game.

STR 10, DEX 15, WIL 16, 10hp, Immaterial.
- Claim to be from Bastion's Tomorrow.
- Have a single Hack, and offer a single use to anyone they think might further their agenda.
- Know all about you.

Roll d6 to find this Witch's Agenda

  1. Destroy Bastion so that a new Bastion can arise
  2. Protect Bastion from other interlopers
  3. Ensure nobody holds back technological advancement
  4. Ensure mankind does not advance technologically
  5. See you rise to power
  6. See you powerless

Roll d6 to find this Witch's Hack. Each has one use, and when you use it, any material part of it vanishes. A Witch can give out as many as she likes.

  1. The Mercury Bullet: Immediately and flawlessly kills one being you fire it at, but their closest loved one gets the bullet next. 
  2. The Black Card: Throw down the card and the last significant event did not happen, and all consequences are undone. 
  3. The Guardian Mite: Pixie-like thing that floats behind you and annoys people, but you can never die unless you send it away. 
  4. The Curse Drive: Make up a curse, and the a way to remove it (must be possible, even if near impossible). It happens to your target. 
  5. The Bond Token: Give to a willing, sapient being. The player now has total control over them as if they were their own character. 
  6. The Oracle Chip: Insert into the mouth of a recently dead being to inherit all of their knowledge and memories.

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