Monday 21 December 2015


Wizzodds are not to be confused with fairytale Wizards who are often mystic guides that can do anything. Wizzodds can probably do anything, but are in no fit state to guide anyone.

Wizzodds are people so obsessed with a single Arcanum that it starts to rub off on them, eventually forming a bond. As a standard Arcanum-user might bent the device's powers in new ways, a Wizzodd becomes one with their beloved, and uses it in ways that shouldn't work.

They are isolated, because you need to give your whole self to an Arcanum to reach this level of affinity. If you have any other relationships it doesn't work. They cannot even tolerate other Arcana in their presence, let alone bring themselves to use another.

The bond extends to their names, which they either shed completely or combine with the name of their Arcanum.

d6 Wizzodds

1: Great Xtenda
STR 6, DEX 8, WIL 16, 10hp. Carapace (Armour 1).  
Extension Mask: The wearer can speed/slow their perception of time. 
Odd Uses: 
- Re-view a past occurrence, even if he wasn't there. 
- Age/Revivify himself or others unwillingly. 
- Produce objects from the distant past or future. 

2: Tormental
STR 5, DEX 14, WIL 17, 9hp.
Torment Crown: Causes intense pain to the wearer and all within range, which depends on the intensity of pain chosen by the wearer. 
Odd Uses: 
- Cause enough pain that the target burst into flames (d12 Damage on a failed WIL Save). 
- Cause a highly specific type of pain that triggers old memories, which Tormental can also see. 
- Destroy a target's sense of pain entirely, leaving an empty feeling. 

3: Orrob Boss
STR 10, DEX 3, WIL 14, 8hp. Immortality Suit (Armour 1).
Angel Orb: Float from the wielder to a known person, delivering a single telepathic message.
Odd Uses:
- Transfer ailments from the wielder to the receiver. 
- Transfer stored energy or emotions from the wielder to receiver. 
- Impregnate the target with a new Orb, violently born the next day (lose d8 STR). 

4: Phaserod

STR 16, DEX 15, WIL 12, 12hp. Metal Parts (Armour 1).
Phase Rod: Touch an object to temporarily show its state in the most likely future reality. 
Odd Uses: 
- Cause incredible coincidences for good or harm. 
- Prevent sure fire certainties from happening.
- State something that absolutely will not happen. If it happens, reality tears Phaserod apart. 

5: Rekt Torso
STR 11, DEX 10, WIL 13, 12hp. Crystal Teeth (d6), Staff (d8).  
Mummified Star-Prince: If fed intelligent flesh, will reveal secrets about that being.
Odd Uses:
- Reproduce the effect of Arcana it is fed. 
- Refine or modify raw material fed to it. 
- Temporarily take control of a living creature it feeds from. 

6: Demo-Lich
STR 14, DEX 8, WIL 10, 11hp. Lead Suit (Armour 1).
Demolition Maul (d8): Any structure struck by this will begin to slowly crumble, losing 1hp every hour until it is ruined. 
Odd Uses: 
- Cause organic things to slowly crumble.
- Cause ideologies and movements to slowly crumble.
- Cause laws of reality to slowly deteriorate. 

Wednesday 16 December 2015

d6 Law Enforcement Groups in Bastion

 d6 Enforcement Groups of Bastion

Obviously there's no centralised law enforcement in Bastion, so anyone can set up a group of thugs and have a go. They have different ideas of the law too, which doesn't help. If you get into trouble, think carefully before you call out for help from that person in a uniform. 

They usually have an ulterior motive. 

1: Drum Jockeys - 2hp, Jagged Metal Uniforms, Lead Beaters (d6).
  • Ride on a variety of huge drums, rigged up to wagons (4hp, Armour 1, d8 Crush).
  • Carry out harsh punishment en-masse at Justice Raves.
  • Talk in a drum-like rhythm even when separated from the beat.

2: Wristwatchmen - 3hp, Ultra-Slick Suits and Hair, Gadget Watch.
  • Transfer a miniature version of an Arcanum’s effect into their specialist wristwatches.
  • Fire a pitifully small gun mounted on their watch (d4).
  • Pretend to know the future (they don’t).

3: The VSF (Very Strong Fighters) - 5hp, STR 15, Tight, Colourful Costumes, Clenched Fists (d6).
  • Explain their own carefully thought out name and gimmick in extreme detail.
  • Attempt a silly finishing-move when they’ve almost beaten their opponent (d4).
  • Make a big speech about the role of the strong (them) in protecting the feeble (you).

4: Bombheads - 6hp, STR 5, 1ft Tall, Tiny Bombs (d8, must be set in place). adorable little uniforms, riding-rats, squeaky voices.
  • Use hidden wealth to hire backup-muscle.
  • Upon death, explodes for d8 damage.
  • Try to cut off crime at the source.

5: The Cadaver Club - 4hp, Death Shrouds and Pick-Sticks (d6).
  • Believe that all life is essentially guilt, and the older you live the more guilty you are.
  • Bury the guilty alive with lots of food and water.
  • Carry out trial-by-combat between corpses rigged up as puppets.

6: The Wind Order - 1hp, DEX 15, Gilded Uniforms, Breathy Voices.

  • Strike criminals down without touching them, using the mystical soul-wind (d10 damage, actually a hidden sniper with a huge rifle)
  • Flee from any real danger, claiming that “a more dangerous wind blows to the south”.
  • Sell you a 6-week course (1g) that will (not) teach you the Soul-Wind-Strike.