Monday 31 August 2015

Submission of the Servers - Hellspace

Many people give up a part of their identity to a greater power. For Servers this is to Godmachine.

Others accept Demons into their minds and bodies, sometimes calling themselves Heralds.

Servers main agenda is spreading the Godmachine's presence across Hellspace. Despite their philosophical incompatibility with Boneheads both faction sees the other as misguided fools, rather than a genuine threat to their own ways. 

d6 Notable Servers

1: 8Z-Chrometongue - Mouth of Godmachine (2)

Gear: Metal Body with Head-Jack Removed, Voice-Amp. 
- Interface with a Machine
- Babble Machine-Gospel (+1)
- Cause Nearby Machinery to go Haywire 

2: Null-A-11-B - Void Drone (1)

Gear: Head-Jack, Smooth Body. 
- Interface with a Machine (+1)
- Shut Down all Machinery Nearby
- Have No Personality or Ego at All

3: Free-Agent Vermella - Rogue Troubleshooter (2)

Gear: Head-Jack, Gun-Arm, Powered Suit. 
- Interface with a Machine
- Protect Godmachine at Any Cost (+1)
- Get into Inaccessible Places

4: Seeker-H5 - Techno-Artifact Hunter (2)

Gear: Head-Jack, Tattered Maps, Grapple-Gun.  
- Interface with a Machine
- Interpret Signs from Godmachine
- Assess the Technological Function of an Object (+1)

5: 29-Vine - Anti-Organo-Activist (2)

Gear: Head-Jack, Cyber-Body. 
- Interface with a Machine
- Suppress Lingering Humanity (+1)

6: Bit-Channel-43 - Bio-Ware Engineer (2)

Gear: Head-Jack, Cyber-Pets, Body Augmented in Every Way. 
- Interface with a Machine
- Make Someone More Machine than Man (+1)
- Augment a Machine with Organic Material

Creating a Server Character

Take the Move
- Interface with a Machine

Gear: Take a head jack, and choose one of the following:
- Gold Beaded Robes.
- Neon Blood.
- Techno-Incense.

Roll 1d6 for your role, and your second Move.

1: Monk: Contemplate Quietly.
2: Monitor: Be the Eyes of the Godmachine
3: Judge: Punish an Enemy of the Godmachine
4: Inquisitor: Uncover the Truth
5: Lexicon: Translate Anything
6: Troubleshooter: Remove a Chaotic Element

Finally, Roll d66 on the Wild Card table for your final Move and Gear.


  1. What's this wild card table? Is it something hidden for a full release, like all those tables in the oddpendium? Or am I being an idiot and it's right in plain sight?

    1. Look here: