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Characters in Auldskunterroy

Bringing Bastiard Characters to Auldskunterroy

It's easier to get horribly injured here. Use the Injuries and Worse rules.

Guns work here, but nobody has access to what you need to keep guns working. As soon as they get wet, run out of ammo, or break, you won't get them fixed until you get back to proper civilisation.

The bang of a gun is sure to attract attention, but the locals won't worship you as a god or anything. They'll just see you as a massive threat that needs dealing with.

Rolling an Auldskunterroyan

Roll an Into the Odd character as normal but do not take a starter package.

Choose whether you're a Warrior or Monk and consult the section on that class to see what you get. Make your choice before looking at the starter package you'll receive, you dirty cheat.

Auldskunterroyan Warrior
- You bow to a Liege (50% chance they're dead, but you serve them regardless) in their castle and serve them by fighting.

- Your WIL Score Score gives you a Bloodline, it's crest, trait, and philosophy, and a piece of equipment. Unless noted, Armour Score is 1, and requires a shield and helm to be effective. d6 weapons are one-handed, and d8 weapons two-handed. Mounts must be given a name.
3: Megalodon (Black Shark. Pointed Teeth. Strength Through Cruelty). Rex-Thuzzard Mount (STR 18, DEX 10, WIL 3, 12hp, Armour 2, d10 Bite)
4: Spiner (Green Porcupine, Obesity, Defend the Weak). Spine Javelins (d6)
5: Predatorix (Red Tiger. Red Skin. Kill Anyone  that Offends You).Bright Red Chain & Shield.
6: Gekro (Orange/Blue Fighting Lizards. Terrible Odour. Uncover All Falsehood). Horn-Thuzzard Mount (STR 18, DEX 5, WIL 3, 4hp, Armour 2, d10 Gore)
7: Doverider (Frog-Riding-Dove, Exposed Bone Spikes, Always Lie).Hidden Dagger (d6)
8: Biter (White Snake, Poisonous Bite for d6 STR Loss on Critical Damage, Destroy Other Bloodlines).Horned Purple Plate & Shield.
9: Twotongue (Rising Sun, Forked Tongue, Explore Horizons).Claw-Thuzzard Mount (STR 14, DEX 16, WIL 4, 7hp, Armour 1, d8 Claw)
10: Muntin (Crowned Mammoth, Towering Stature, The Strong Must Rule).Rock Hammer (d8)
11: Clawpaw (Black Mountain, Talon-Hands, All Animals are Monsters).Shining Blue Scale & Shield
12: Blackblood (Three-Dodos, Black Blood, Get Influence Everywhere).Shell-Thuzzard Mount (STR 15, DEX 5, WIL 3, 5hp, Armour 2, d10 Clubtail)
13: Splitten (Two-Headed Arrow, Far-Sight, Keep the Bloodlines Balanced).Hunting Bow (d6)
14: Brassheart (Gold-Ring, Cold-Blooded, Wealth Rules Might).Noble Chestpiece, Fish-Helm, & Shield.
15: Shamer (Rock-Headed Man, Talk to Beasts, Pride Must be Broken).Pig-Thuzzard Mount (STR 12, DEX 7, WIL 6, 8hp, d6 Bite, Loyal and Smart)
16: Vorden (Broken Shield, Yellow Eyes, Bring Order to the Primeval).Denial Rod (wield alongside another weapon for d8 damage attack).
17: Terribux (Green Eye, Blue Skin, Be the Monster).White Furry Beast-Face Armour & Shield.
18: Zeeleo (Black Hammer, Lion-like Mane, Blessed is the Slavemaster).Psychically Bound Cavewitch Slave (STR 15, DEX 10, WIL 18, 3hp, d8 Bite. Huge, Brainlike Head, Telepathy and Psychic Lash (1d6 WIL Loss to target)).

- Your STR Score gives you a hand weapon.
3: Whip-Sword (d6)
4: Pole-Spike (d6)
5: Claw Sword (d6)
6: Skullhammer (d6)
7: Stone Fist (d6)
8: Fish Axe (d6)
9: Knight's Pick (d6)
10: Club Sword (d6)
11: Toothed Sword (d6)
12: Bell-Cudgel (d6)
13: Volcanic Shard (d6)
14: Longmace (d6)
15: Whip-Hammer (d6)
16: Murderfork (d6)
17: Rod Spike (d6)
18: Bastard Flail (d6)

Your DEX Score gives you your starting rank, which comes with an implied responsibility to your liege. Higher WIL scores are higher ranks. There's a 50% chance you're Knighted, which means other Knights don't automatically think you're a total pencil-pusher.
3: Roughtennant (Carry out petty work for any knights in the dominion)
4: Baton-Sheath (Wave a flag whenever the Castle Lord arrives or leaves)
5: Par-Medden (Take messages between the castle and the nearest Monastery)
6: Bushtennant (Keep beasts away from protected domains)
7: Hard-Soverman (Make sure farmers are working to their full capability)
8: Under-Marshall (Keep an eye on anyone trying to climb up to this rank and knock them back down)
9: Houser-Chief (Perform shock-checks of any living quarters in the dominion)
10: Bow'd Marshall (Ensure proper bowing procedure is carried out across the dominion)
11: Pole-Miner (Visit other castles and maintain good relations while stirring up trouble)
12: Lesser-Fulhelm (Kill any troublemakers)
13: Pole-Riser (Openly cause trouble in other dominions)
14: Left-Ruddock (Bring the best arms into the castle)
15: Over-Ruddock (Maintain mercenary relations in case of a war)
16: Rear-Eye (Monitor goods entering and leaving the castle)
17: Arch-Bagger (Monitor coins entering and leaving the castle)
18: Grand Tash (Tend to a Tower of the Castle)

- You get robes and a staff (d6). You can wear armour and use any weapons, but must return to your robes and staff when you want to perform a ritual.
- You're considered holy, so you get a certain level of respect from all other Auldskunterroyans.
- If you have one or more human corpses to witness things, you can perform other rituals listed below, each of which lasts a number of hours equal to the corpses required.

1: Funeral - One of many dozen types of funeral service that ensure the dead are honoured. Every member of the deceased bloodline that attends the ritual gets a short vision from the dead that may be useful.
2: Union - A ritual between two lovers, or a liege and a vassal, that converts one over to the bloodline of the other, immediately starting to show the new blood traits in place of their own.
3: Guidance - The combined consciousnesses of the corpses give you a cryptic message that may be useful.
4: Exorcism - A monster that the monk has beaten into submission is utterly destroyed and cannot return to haunt the world.
5: Binding - A single ancestor is temporarily bound to watch over one of their bloodline. They yell advice and lecture them as a voice in their head. As soon as the descendant ignores the advice or gives them any attitude, they scald them for d6 WIL loss and return to the land of the dead.
6: Purification - A structure or clearing is cleansed of the ill intent of the forgotten dead. Monsters cannot enter it while the monks remain here.
7: (Unholy Number, corpses must not be gathered in this number)
8: Mummification - A person on the verge of death can be preserved in a way that they will never decay, and never truly die. They live on forever in an immobile state but can only utter one word a day.
9: Rebirth - A recently dead corpse explodes into a bloody manifestation of the forgotten dead, which rampages for d20 minutes before collapsing.
10: Communion - The monk utters ten words that must form a legitimate question to ask the dead. Ten words make up the answer, but not in the correct order.
11: (Unholy Number, Monks never convene in this number)
12: Feast- Gather 12 corpses and arrange them around a hot feast, in appropriate dress. Hide behind one and you can hear their side of the conversation as if they were alive. The monk can only hear one corpse's contribution to the conversation. When the food is cold, the conversation ends.
13: Curse - Make a horrible proclamation against someone that the thirteen corpses surround. It immediately becomes sealed in fate, but also affects all of the Monk too.

Your Highest Score gives you a Gift from the Dead.
3: You have a permanent ancestral ghost guide that only you can see. They're pretty helpful but can't directly influence the world.
4: Monstrous Manifestations of the Forgotten Dead cannot attack you directly.
5: You are immune to poison and disease.
6: You do not bleed and can reattach limbs in an instant.
7: You do not need to eat or drink.
8: You do not need to breathe.
9: When you touch a person as they die you gain the benefits of a Full Rest.
10: You can see death like a shroud over those about to die.
11: You can prevent death indefinitely as long as you're touching the person.
12: You are naturally pale, bald, and gaunt, so other monks see you as extra holy.
13: You have died and come back, so the dead see you as one of their own.
14: You can sense the bloodline of a corpse, no matter how hold.
15: Your eyelids have decayed so you no longer blink and sleep with your eyes open
16: Your bones are black and show through your skin.
17: You have removed your heart, and wear it as a shriveled husk around your neck.
18: Anyone dying in your presence gets a tasteful column of light to shine on them for a moment as they pass.

Your Lowest Score gives you a Burden from the Dead. If you do not carry this burden properly you'll anger the dead and a monster will manifest to haunt you.
3: Carry a sack of ancestor organs with you at all times.
4: Tiny conjoined twin that you have to feed and look after. Holds a dead spirit and may offer cryptic guidance.
5: You cannot eat or drink under any circumstances, but cling onto life all the same.
6: You must not abide darkness, and light candles wherever you go.
7: Any corpse you see must be given a proper funeral within the week.
8: Anyone you see not honouring the dead must be struck with your staff.
9: Carry the last breath of an ancestor in a jar.
10: Carry around the bones of an ancestor at all times.
11: You have a dead leg and must walk with your staff at all times.
12: You have a dead arm that's no use for anything.
13: The voices of the forgotten dead taunt and haunt your mind, but you must honour them all the same.
14: Your body houses a colony of maggots that you must look after properly.
15: You must not kill.
16: Your face has decayed away to leave a horrifying skull. People think that's a step too far.
17: Your tongue and jaw have perished, so you can't talk.
18: Your eyes have decayed, so you're blind.

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  1. This seems like it would blend in quite well with the Carcosa setting. There's a similar low tech primeval bio-weirdness vibe.