Monday 16 March 2015

Why is This Person so Odd?

Roll d12

  1. Mouth half sewn up. De-programmed former cultist.
  2. Near constant black nosebleeds. Started after a black-out drinking session and waking up in the Underground. 
  3. Wears costume bug-wings. Just thinks they look cool and will soon become a mainstream trend (they won't). A little too into watching bugs.
  4. Seriously reeks of gin. Believed a claim that it will keep disease away (it won't). 
  5. Absolutely no sense of humour and slight drool hang at all times. Undertook experimental mind-probing that cured alcoholism but left an un-emotional robot.
  6. Carries an urn and talks to it. Believes it contains the ashes of a Star Man that he saw an angry mob burn to death and is trying to find a way to return it to life. 
  7. Dresses and acts like an exaggerated stereotype of a barbarian warrior. Part of a cult that believe civilised society breeds behaviour that is unafraid of the consequences of a more savage age. Mostly an excuse to act like a jerk. 
  8. Wears a full-body leather suit with goggles and a breathing tube. Believes the Bastion is due a plague that will wipe out most of the population. 
  9. Map tattooed on body. A cult connected the birthmarks and freckles thinking they would lead them to a prophesied treasure. There was nothing there, so they cast them aside. 
  10. Has incredible difficulty hearing you and becomes distressed seemingly at nothing. Is receiving transmissions in an alien language in their head. 
  11. Constantly sniffing at you. Believes they have taught themselves to smell lies, and some emotions. 
  12. Talks about lots of friends, and their crazy adventures, but can never actually show them to you, and nobody else knows about them. Obsessively writes fiction in their attic and refers to the characters as real people. 

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  1. The game is great and this blog is an excellent resource. Keep up the good job, we keep reading!