Tuesday 31 March 2015

Beasts of Bastion

More familiar animals make their home in Bastion alongside the stranger creatures. If in doubt as to whether an earthly creature can be found in Bastion, remember Everything is Here.

Elephants pull machinery in factories, and Camels ferry visitors up the steepest climbs.
Parrot flocks skirmish with Bats for the highest attics.
Capybara dodge Alligators in rivers and sewers.
Lizards bask in the Summer, and scurry to an unknown warmth in Winter.
Panthers and Peacocks roam noble gardens.
Scorpions of all colours and sizes lurk in un-swept corners.
Spider Crabs are heaved from the seabed, then stolen by dock Monkeys as pets.
Snakes coil drainpipes and snatch Gulls out of the air.
Pandas, both giant and red, are kept as pets by a the upper-crust.
Goats attack the elderly on rough streets.


  1. I know you very likely mean that the squirrel's jump us interrupted by the snake, but I like to think of the snake being the one leaping.