Wednesday 21 November 2012

The Odd World - Why Visit Rosevine?

Characters in Into the Odd are assumed to come from one of the three Sister States. The most historically important of these is Rosevine. But why would the characters want to go back there? Here's what the game itself has to say about the City of Flies. 

The greatest seafaring empires in history have called Rosevine their capital. Architectural wonders of past centuries lie ravaged by plague and civil unrest. Queen Rosa IX claims both the city's throne and headship of the Celestial Temple. The anti-astral Union of Man call for her head, rumours spreading that she is an otherworldly imposter. Daily riots have pushed the Royal Court into a barricaded palace and underground catacombs. Union enforcers hunt down Astral Worshippers while the common citizen lives a life of fear and uncertainty. 

Things to do in Rosevine
- Explore the city's ancient architecture, perhaps hiding wonders not understood by the city's previous rulers. 
- Investigate reports of the plague having unpredictable side effects on its victims. 
- Join the Union of Man and overthrow that shapeshifting imposter of a queen. 
- Volunteer for the Queen's guard, restoring order to the city. 
- Get involved with some aristocratic politics and get to the bottom of the accusations against the queen. 
- Aid the Union of Man in routing out Astral Cults, or provide them with protection in return for a powerful Arcanum. 
- Find out the source of the pestilence that is currently ravaging the city. 
- Aid the terrified citizens in stealing a vessel and escaping to the colonies. 

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