Friday 3 August 2012

Visual Inspiration for Arkbound Fashionistas

Some people insist on making fashion a thing even when all planets have been stripped of life. You don't want to have to sit at the uncool table in the mess hall do you?

What's HOT
- Natural materials. Fur trims, decorative feathers and sea shells. If you're really fancy then tuck a flower in your buttonhole or even have a genuine pet animal. People might think you've actually set foot outside the Ark!
- Layers, coats and cloaks. Temperatures can plummet on the slum decks so you'll need something to keep you alive until you make it to a fire.
- Hoods and Hats. The lower the deck the more corrosive liquid you're going to see pouring down from your neighbours above. The fashion-conscious see the requirement for headgear as an opportunity to create something truly ridiculous.
- Cigarettes and booze. I didn't say these people were role models and both of these goods are commonly used in bartering. If you're not swigging from a flask and blowing smoke all over the market stall the trader's going to think you're desperate!

What's NOT
- Gas masks. Unless you're actually delving into somewhere with a hazardous atmosphere walking around with a mask on is going to get you lots of negative attention. Doubly so for the big 20th century style masks too. Technology has advanced since then. Similar rules apply to goggles.
- Skimpy clothes. I don't care if you salvaged a leather corset from the Pleasure-dome, you're going to either freeze to death when the next chill comes along or get your skin melted off by acid rain.
- Spiked Shoulder Pads. Let's be practical here. Even the most belligerent slum gangs know that anything gained in intimidation is lost when you get snagged on a mess of cables or can't reach the backup knife you strapped behind your back.
- Mohawks. They're so done and deny you the opportunity for some fabulous headgear.


  1. Loving these posts. Always nice to see anything remotely post apocalyptic that doesn't devolve into Mad Max sillyness.

  2. I love that whole branch of post-apoc too, but I wanted this setting to be more than "Mad Max/Necromunda in Space". Losing the S&M gear and punk fashion will hopefully go some way towards that.