Sunday 5 August 2012

Conflict in Arkbound

Like a story, a game setting needs conflict. This is especially true if you're going to be playing a game in that setting. So what conflicts exist in Arkbound?

Humanity vs Extinction
Survival is a key theme of Arkbound. The Arks might not provide much of a life to those on the Slum Decks but what's the alternative? The homeworlds were wiped out and re-settling them is thought to be suicidal. As the last survivors many people feel a responsibility to keep the human race alive. Will mankind find a better home and what are people willing to do to cling onto survival?

Officers vs Arkbound
The Officers have the authority, weapons and armour, cushy living quarters and, of course, freedom. The Arkbound have the strength of numbers, fighting spirit and a toughness that comes from living in such harsh conditions. The two come to blows regularly but both are dependent on each other. Spin-offs from this are the obvious Officer vs Officer and Arkbound vs Arkbound conflicts.

Humans vs Artificials
The only other survivors of the Tempest were the robots and AIs that remain on the homeworlds. Some are eager to help any humans that return to salvage goods but after fifty years without man some Artificials consider themselves the de facto rulers of their homeworld. Back in space, genetic modification has left some very much non-human lifeforms roaming the universe.

Arks vs Independents
Some humans have managed to avoid becoming bound to an Ark, whether through surviving on an orbital colony or drifting in a smaller craft. Most Arks will strive to take what they can from independents, whether it's salvage, weapons or skilled individuals. Ark vs Ark and Independent vs Independent are less common conflicts but could be interesting.

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