Monday, 16 June 2014

The Great Into the Odd Crowdsourcing Push

So, the actual game of Into the Odd is in a state that I'm happy to call final, barring one last edit for typos and grammar.

What's the plan?
- Transfer everything from the crappy pdf I made in openoffice into a proper pdf, with nice layout and some custom art in amongst the free stuff. Probably B&W for printing ease.
- Release the game as Pay What You Like.
- Use any money that comes in from generous folks to pay people to help me with future projects.

What do I need?
- A Cover. I love the piece that current sits at the front of the doc, and it's public domain, but I'd really like to see it given a new impression. Think you can make this awesome while keeping the eerie atmosphere?
- A Logo. While I like the one that I threw together, someone can do a better job around the same concept.
- A Proper Layout. Nothing fancy, but something that looks more professional than my own efforts.
- Art. Again, I like the public domain pieces I have, but bespoke Into the Odd artwork would be the dream. If you've seen the stuff I post on here for the game, you'll get a sense of what I'm looking for. Similarly, I like the maps I've made, but somebody could probably give them a little more character.
- Proofreading. Huge thanks to +Geordie Racer for doing this already, but the more eyes the better.

What do I have to offer?
- I can give out credit like it's going out of style!
- If you're in the UK you can come to my house for a free beer/wine/spirit.
- The vague promise below.

I have no budget for this. If you'd like to be involved, and I really love what you're offering, I'll see if I can get some funds to pay your rate. Anything that comes in from the Pay What You Like release goes straight into the pot for my next project, and you'll be the first people I come to for paid work.

Anyone who wants to help out can comment here. Sample artwork/layout work would be a fantastic place to start.


  1. If I contribute to this, will it indirectly support Die Bonehead Die? Because I want to contribute to that.

    1. Indirectly, perhaps. You never know which project I'll get around to finishing next!

  2. I imagine you'll be able to get some help from other people, but my price is right (free!). I am working on getting better at this stuff as we speak, and my current role at work involves some boring corporate layout stuff.

    My most recent layout example would be the Middenheim supplement I did here:

    And an older example can be found here:

  3. How would feel about partnering with me?
    I'd do layout design and editing, and get my favorite artist to do the art.